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Fine Egyptian Art - Episode 7

Fine Egyptian Art Collection • 3m 12s

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  • Fine Egyptian Art - Episode 8

    Great Sphinx of Tanis 2600 BC Discovered:in 1825 among the ruins of the Temple of Amun at Tanis. The Greek word "sphinx", commonly used to refer to the Egyptian statues representing a lion with a human head, was not the original term.

  • Fine Egyptian Art - Episode 9

    Great Sphinx of Giza c.2575—c.2465 B.C. The royal human head on a lion's body symbolized power and might, controlled by the intelligence of the pharaoh, guarantor of the cosmic order, or ma'at.

  • Fine Egyptian Art - Episode 10

    Khafra ca. 2570 B.C. Khafra was the builder of the second largest pyramid of Giza. The Egyptian name of the pyramid was Wer(en)-Khafre which means "Khafre is Great"