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Fine Egyptian Art - Episode 12

Fine Egyptian Art Collection • 3m 12s

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    As not all hippo statues from this era were elaborately painted, William is a particularly important example; he has been “covered with a decoration in black line of lotus flowers, buds, and leaves” to signal his “natural surroundings among the lowlands of the Nile.

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    Amenemhat III (throne name, Nimaatre) 1853 — 1806 BC Amenemhet III brought Middle Kingdom Egypt to a peak of economic prosperity by completing a system to regulate the inflow of water into Lake Moeris, in the Al-Fayyūm depression southwest of Cairo.

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    Kneeling statue of Khahotepre Sobekhotep VI ca 1750 - 1700 BC Khahotepre Sobekhotep VI's father was perhaps Sobekhotep IV, the best attested king of the entire second intermediary period.