Traditional Dance

Traditional Dance

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Traditional Dance
  • Jongmyo Jeryeak KOREAN DANCES

    Jongmyo Jeryeak is the most subtle expression of Korean court art.

    Combining ritual dances and music from Confucian ceremonies, this tradition originated in the 15th century and accompanied the rise of the great Joseon dynasty that ruled Korea from 1392 to 1910.

    Performed without interruption...

  • La Fresque BALLET inspired by Chinese tradition

    The story of La Fresque, inspired by the traditional Chinese tale The painting on the wall is simple.

    A young man falls in love with a woman painted on a fresco, walks through the wall and goes inside the painting to experience a love affair with this woman. By purifying its dramaturgy to the e...


    There are 12 of them on the stage: 11 artists from the Le Wetr group and RĂ©gine Chopinot.

    Since childhood, every member of Le Wetr has learned how to dance, sing and accompany themselves with modest percussions made from vegetable matter and bamboos with deep, muffled sonorities. Traditionally,...